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Town Council Election Results

Here is a list of Trowbridge town councillors resulting from the local elections held on Thursday May 4th.

BLAKEMORE Nick                   Lib Dem
KIRK Edward                            Cons 
COOPER Ben                           Cons 
PALMEN Stewart                      Lib Dem
BLACKMORE Clive                  Lib Dem
KEMP Phoebe                          Labour
PAYNE Graham                        Cons
HALIK David                            Cons
HALIK Deb                              Cons
BRICE Bob                               Lib Dem
WHIFFEN Geoff                       Cons
BATEMAN-GAY Amanda         Lib Dem
BAZAN Thomas                       Cons
KING Diana                              Cons
BEAVER Chris                          Lib Dem
FULLER Peter                           Cons
DREWETT Dennis                   Ind
BRIDGES Glyn                          Lib Dem
OLDRIEVE Steve                      Lib Dem
CAVILL David                           Cons
BRYANT Andrew                     Lib Dem
Conservatives 10    Liberal Democrats 9      Labour 1         Independent 1

Posted May 9th 2017
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