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New Future for Paxcroft Mead Country Park

From 1st April 2018, the management of what is known as Paxcroft Mead Country Park will pass to Trowbridge Town Council if talks concerning community assets this coming July are successful. For now, it has been confirmed that Trowbridge Town Council will take over the management of the children’s play area and the youth basketball facility as of 1st April 2017.
    Formerly, the park has been the joint responsibility of Hilperton Parish and Trowbridge Town Councils, with Wiltshire Council as the overriding authority. However, Trowbridge Town Council will soon be the single point of contact regarding the area: an initial meeting was held recently, where the idea of a ‘Friends’ group to liaise with the council was welcomed. This bodes well for the area’s future and offers opportunities for local residents to be involved, as in reporting problems effectively and contributing ideas for improvements (e.g. picnic tables and outdoor gymnasium equipment have been suggested).
    It is hoped that there will be a good deal of local interest in helping to make this local amenity as pleasant as can be. As the council is not always able to “walk the park” looking for problems on a frequent schedule, it would be up to a group to provide welcome help to the council.
    Trowbridge Town Council will be adopting the official title of ‘Paxcroft Brook Open Space’ for the area. It is proposed that the new group, if formed, should be called ’Paxcroft Brook Open Space Friends’ or PBOS Friends for short.
    If you feel you might be interested in joining the group or would like more details, please email Gordon Rees at
     Posted: 21st February 2017
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