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Investment in Community Sports Facilities

Trowbridge Town Council is planning to invest in sports facilities for the community over the next five years: at present, it lends its support to local football teams at Lambrok Recreation Ground for Trowbridge Wanderers and at Woodmarsh for Trowbridge Town Football Club.
    Whilst the council owns Lambrok, it has only been leasing Woodmarsh, which means TTFC are unable to invest in the ground for the future. In order to secure the future of football at Woodmarsh, the Town Council is set to purchase the freehold, aided by contributions from developers and borrowing, funded by the rental income from the football club. This will allow the club to invest in Woodmarsh as a sports facility for the community, especially the hundreds of children who participate in football through Trowbridge Town Football Club’s junior and youth teams.
    Trowbridge Town Council is also looking to secure additional land for more sports pitches, changing facilities and even an all-weather surface in other parts of the town, using a mixture of developer contributions already secured, and borrowing funded by the income from the new facilities and new houses being built around the town.    
Trowbridge Town Council wishes to make residents aware of the loan application to DCLG to seek the Secretary of State’s approval for a PWLB 30 year loan. This loan is for 50% of the cost purchase of the freehold of land at Woodmarsh, North Bradley. The annual repayments for this loan will be around £10,820 on a fixed interest rate. The loan will be repaid through the annual rental income from our tenants, Trowbridge Town Football Club, reducing the level of subsidy currently offered to the club, with any additional income reinvested in other sports facilities in the community.


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