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Trowbridge Museum

Trowbridge's free museum opened in July 1990 and since then, over 450,000 visitors have enjoyed this friendly and fascinating museum. The Museum, which tells the story of the town, its people and the development and manufacture of woollen cloth, is in Home Mills, the last working cloth mill in the town.

Museum 0You can visit the Trowbridge Museum Website for more details and information.

Located on the second floor of Salter's Mill within The Shires Shopping Centre, this was the last working woollen Mill in Trowbridge and did not shut until 1982. Today both Museum and Mill have been incorporated into the Shires Shopping Centre. The Museum's unique location provides many advantages, not least ample parking, shelter from the elements and lifts and escalators for those that might require them.

The museum tells the fascinating story of Trowbridge's people and past. The woollen industry played a crucial part in the town's development and working textile looms are on display. We even produce and sell our own work.

Other displays include a reconstruction of the town's medieval castle and a timeline highlighting Trowbridge's past from the medieval period through to the Second World War. There are also reconstructions of a Weaver's Cottage and Taylors, a draper's shop. Other displays include the History of Brewing and the Life and Works of Sir Isaac Pitman, Trowbridge's most famous son. There are plenty of child-friendly interactives too.