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Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Council Leader

The Mayor of Trowbridge for the Civic Year 2017-2018 is Councillor Deborah Halik.The Mayor is elected by the Council at the Annual Council meeting in May for a period of office of one year. The Mayor is always a serving councillor and acts as Chair of the Council. Councillor Dennis Drewett is Deputy Mayor, and Councillor Peter Fuller is Leader of the Council. The Leader of the Council is also Chair of the Policy & Resources Committee, which deals with many of the council's major decisions including Strategy, Policy, Finance and Personnel. The Council Leader in a Town or Parish Council does not have any executive powers - decisions can only be delegated by the council to committees or to officers. The Leader works closely with the Town Clerk and other officers through regular meetings to ensure that issues are being dealt with in a timely way and can be resolved outside the normal committee meeting cycle, where such matters have been delegated to officers.

Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Council Leader 0

Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Council Leader 1
Councillor Peter Fuller (left), Leader of Trowbridge Town Council
The Leader is the councillor who heads the largest political group represented on the council and is appointed annually. He leads the decision-making process and directs strategic policy and budget setting and is a member of each committee of the council. Responsibility for overseeing the council’s business is shared between a number of councillors, including Committee Chairs, allowing the Mayor and Deputy Mayor to concentrate on the important work of representing the town.