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Trowbridge Town Council is the first tier of local government for the county town of Wiltshire, serving a population of over 40,000 and providing a range of services including; Active TrowbridgeTrowbridge MuseumTrowbridge Information Centre, Civic CentreLongfield Community Centre and working with the community to achieve more.

Trowbridge Town Council was formed in 1974 as part of a then re-organisation of local government. There are 21 councillors who serve on the council: details of whom and the wards they represent can be found on the Councillors page. This page also includes details of Wiltshire County Councillors representing the town.

Wiltshire Council is the unitary principal authority for the area, providing the following services: Highways, Planning, Adult Social Care, Children's Services & Education, Libraries, Leisure, Refuse Collection & Disposal and many more. A link to Wiltshire Council and other organizations involved in the governance and service provision within the town is provided via our Partnership Links page.

Members of Trowbridge Town Council do not receive payment or expenses for being elected members. They give their time voluntarily for the benefit of the town and its residents. The paid officers of the council undertake the work of management, administration and service delivery. Councillors make decisions through the meetings of Council and Commitees.

Each year one of the Councillors is elected by the others to be Mayor. The Mayor acts as Chair of the Council. The Leader is the councillor who heads the largest political group represented on the council and is appointed annually. He leads the decision-making process and directs strategic policy and budget setting and is on every committee of the council.

Council 1Town Clerk
The Town Clerk of Trowbridge is Lance Allan. The Town Clerk is the Chief Executive of the Town Council, the most senior officer, working closely with the council leader and responsible for strategy and policy, making recommendations to the council and the Policy & Resources Committee. The department heads and service managers report to the Town Clerk. The Town Clerk is also the Proper Officer of the council, with responsibilities for advising the council and signing documents on behalf of the council.
Lance has been the Town Clerk since September 2005. He has been a parish councillor in the village where he lives for over 20 years and has served on the National Association of Local Councils’ national council. He was a project manager in the logistics industry for 17 years prior to joining Trowbridge Town Council. He has an honours degree in Transport Operation and Planning, a Certificate in Local Council Administration and a foundation degree in Community Engagement and Governance.
Lance says, ‘It is a great privilege to be the Town Clerk of such a fantastic place as Trowbridge, the County Town of Wiltshire. With a group of committed councillors and a great team of dedicated staff we have been able to deliver significant improvements and continue to provide quality services for the community. We still have much to achieve to ensure that everyone can DISCOVER Trowbridge.’