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The main Full Council is chaired by the Mayor and meets six or seven times per year. The Annual Town Council meeting is held in May each year: this is the meeting at which the Mayor and committees for the year are elected. The Full Council deals with statutory items, such as agreeing the Council Tax charge (precept), approving the accounts and appointing the Town Clerk. In addition each meeting receives a report from the Police.

The Town Council has 5 standing committees, each responsible for different areas of work and council services: each committee is required to observe the Standing Orders.
 Please note that after May 16th 2017, following local council elections held on May 4th, the membership of each committee is liable to change.
Meeting dates for Council and committees can be found by following this Meeting Dates link.

Policy and Resources Committee 2016-2017

The Policy & Resources Committee deals with all financial and staffing matters and also with major policy initiatives, projects and strategic planning. The chair of the committee is also Leader of the Council. The chairs of the other committees are members of this committee.
Chair - Bob Brice    Vice Chair - Roger Andrews
Members - Nick Blakemore, Glyn Bridges, Andrew Bryant, Peter Fuller, John Knight, Stewart Palmen, Graham Payne and Geoff Whiffen.

Town Development Committee 2016-2017

The Town Development Committee meets every three weeks and considers all planning applications submitted to Wiltshire Council for the town as well as other consultation matters relating to licensing, highways and planning.
Chair - Andrew Bryant    Vice Chair - Glyn Bridges           
Members - Chris Beaver, Bob Brice, Peter Fuller, John Knight, Stewart Palmen and Geoff Whiffen.

Leisure Services Committee 2016-2017

The Leisure Services Committee meets quarterly, supporting the provision of leisure services such as Active Trowbridge.
Chair - Stewart Palmen    Vice Chair - Bob Brice
Members - Roger Andrews, Anne Ball, Derek Coop, Rollie Doherty, David Halik, Deborah Halik and Linda Self.

Direct Services Committee 2016-2017

The Direct Services Committee meets quarterly and deals with all of the council's land and property including the Civic Centre, Longfield Community Centre, recreational facilities, and is in charge of community development projects such as working with Residents' Associations, organising and supporting community events, and environmental and street scene improvements, including bus shelters, benches and floral displays.
Chair - Roger Andrews    Vice Chair - Clive Blackmore
Members - Nicola Blackmore, Bob Brice, Andrew Bryant, Peter Fuller, David Halik, John Knight, Stewart Palmen and Geoff Whiffen. 

Museum & Tourism Committee

The Museum and Tourism Committee meets quarterly and deals with issues relating to Trowbridge Museum, the Trowbridge Information Centre and Tourism matters.
Chair - Glyn Bridges    Vice Chair - Nick Blakemore
Members - Anne Ball, Clive Blackmore, Nicola Blackmore, Bob Brice, Derek Coop, David Halik, Deborah Halik and Linda Self.