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Allotments Services

Trowbridge Town Council took over three allotment sites from Wiltshire Council in April 2014, at Home Close Farm, Mornington Gardens, and Gloucester Road. The Gloucester Road site is leased from the Town Council to an association, whilst the other two sites are managed directly by the Council. Mornington Gardens, based just off the Bradford-on-Avon road, has 40 full plots, nine half-plots and eight garages. Home Close Farm, with 33 plots and eight half-plots, is located off Dursley Road, adjoining the Longfield Estate. Since taking the sites over, the Town Council has reissued new contracts to enable them to return the hedges and trees to a manageable state, and have also reduced the waiting list at Home Close Farm by 75%, whilst the Mornington Gardens list has been reduced by 33%. We are hoping to have all plots in the near future back to a manageable state, potentially with more water sources and composters. If you are interested in putting your name down for an allotment plot at either of the sites please contact: Carl Maddox - Allotments Officer Karen Reeves - Allotments Administrator To see a copy of our Allotment Lease Agreement, please click here.